Meet the Team

Adoption Centre of British Columbia - Group Photo

Our dedicated team is here to help and to listen. We are social workers providing a wrap-around service with compassion, expertise and commitment. We will be with you every step of the way.

Adoption Centre of British Columbia - Deanna



Deanna started working at KCR Community Resources in 1995. Since that time she has been involved in almost every aspect of the agency in some capacity and made the move to the Adoption team in 2011. As a social worker, she was drawn to this work and loves being part of such an amazing team doing incredible work to help grow families. Deanna moved into the role of Administrator in 2017 and although she works less directly with families, she still enjoys the contact she is able to have. She also loves working with her talented team of contract social workers all over the province to complete home studies, updates and post-placement reports. Deanna brings to the team the ability to be approachable, fair and flexible.

Adoption Centre of British Columbia - Marni



Marni has been with The Adoption Centre of British Columbia since it opened its doors in 1996! She works in all aspects of adoption at the agency, bringing with her years of experience and knowledge. Marni has developed an expertise in intercountry adoptions and is focusing her time on developing and coordinating these programs. Marni has a calm demeanour, is passionate about adoption and has the ability to be empathic and compassionate in all areas of her work.

Adoption Centre of British Columbia - Linette



Linette has been a social worker since 1998. She began working with the Adoption Centre in the fall of 2011 completing home studies, facilitating the adoption education program and providing counselling to birth parents. Linette is currently the Coordinator for Birth Parents, the Domestic Program and the Adoption Education Program. Linette brings to the team a strong passion for working with birth parents and adoptive families. She is considerate and thorough and loves being a part of the adoption journey with our families.

Adoption Centre of British Columbia - Vickie



Vickie joined The Adoption Centre in January 2014 and is usually your first contact with our agency. She processes the registrations, contracts with social workers and answers many of your questions. The ones she doesn’t know she will find the answer to. Vickie always has a smile on her face while being responsive and welcoming. She loves the work she does and looks forward to hearing from you.

Birth Parents can also text us at 250.718.2396

"One of the main reasons we chose to go with ACBC in the beginning was the quick and helpful response we received – a very warm/enthusiastic first impression.”

- Adoptive Parents