Adoptive Families

Adoption Centre of British Columbia - Photo of a woman with her daughter

Are you thinking about the possibility of adoption but aren’t sure where to start? At the Adoption Centre of British Columbia, we know that each person’s story of what has led them to consider adoption is unique. We understand you have questions, hope and fears. We have answers, options and support.

We want to hear your story so we can best support and guide you in the direction that seems the best fit for you.

Call our team to request our Information Package. It contains an overview of our current programs, the steps in the process and the fees associated with each phase. Once you have read this over, call us back to book an individual appointment with one of our in-house social workers. They will discuss your situation with you and provide answers to questions you have.

If after that meeting we all agree that the Adoption Centre of British Columbia is a good fit for you, then you will complete the Registration Package and send it in to us to get the process started!

And please remember, as personal and emotional as Adoption is, it is also a complex legal process and our highly trained social workers use their skills and knowledge to put you, the adoptive parent, in the best possible position to meet your adoption goals.

As a quick overview, the steps in the process are as follows;

  • Receive an Information/Registration Package
  • Book an information interview with one of our in-house social workers who will talk you through all the steps in the process in detail, the costs and your possible program options
  • Send in your registration package along with phase one fees
  • Get started on the adoption education
  • Be available to start your SAFE Home Study as soon as our contracted social worker connects with you! While a SAFE Home Study may seem daunting, remember, we are all here to support you on your journey. In fact, most of our families let us know that the Home Study process is one of the best supports they receive on their journey.
  • Complete your home study (the average time is 3-5 months, but it depends on many factors)
  • Move into Phase Two, which is either creating a Profile Book for the Domestic Program or a Dossier for Inter-country.
  • And now the wait…this is the hard part! Remember to connect with us as often as you need to for support during this time. We are here.
  • Receive a proposal for a potential match (*Please note, there are never any guarantees of a match/placement).
  • The Matching/Placement Process will begin, but remember, we are still here to give support and guidance as you go through this process.

Birth Parents can also text us at 250.718.2396

“We knew from the very beginning that this agency was the one for us, the staff is super friendly and very good at responding promptly to any inquiries. We are very thankful for them.”

– Adoptive Parent