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No two adoption stories are the same.  Each family walks through a journey of highs and lows and everything in-between. The Adoption Centre of British Columbia has had the privilege to walk alongside these families and are grateful that they have shared their stories below.

Adoption Stories - Zhen
Adoption Stories - Sarah, Jaydon & Gunner
Adoption Stories - Heather & Wyatt
Adoption Stories - Jessica & Blair
Adoption Stories - Scott, Nina and Ophelia

Nancy’s Adoption Story

Nancy shares the adoption story of how both her daughters joined her family and how the gift of adoption keeps giving over the generations. To celebrate the Adoption Centre of British Columbia’s 25th Anniversary, we are putting together of adoption stories from over the past 25 years.

Bree, Collin & Logan’s Adoption Story

Bree shares the adoption story of how their daughter, Logan, joined their family through the domestic program with the Adoption Centre of BC.

Adoption Centre of BC & Tula’s Adoption Story

Tula shares her adoption story and what it was like for her growing up in a transracial home. A big thank you to Tula for being open with us and sharing her adoption story with us.

Adoption Centre of BC & The Audy Family’s Adoption Story

The Audy Family’s adoption story. A big thank you to the Audy Family for sharing their adoption story with us.

Adoption Centre of BC & The Holmlund Family’s Adoption Story

The Holmlund Family’s adoption story. A big thank you to the Holmlund Family for sharing their adoption story with us.

Adoption Centre of BC & McIndoe’s Adoption Story

The McIndoe family’s adoption story. A big thank you to the McIndoe family for sharing their adoption story with us.

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jess b
jess b
18:20 09 Nov 21
The amazing team at ACBC are kind, caring, hardworking, dedicated and passionate about what they do. We can't begin to express how grateful we are for them and would recommend them to anyone who is... looking to grow their family through the precious gift of more
Bree Loeffler
Bree Loeffler
22:00 27 Oct 21
From the moment that we had our consultation with The Adoption Centre of BC, we felt like family. We knew instantly that they would take wonderful care of us, and we were not wrong. In fact, we had... no idea just how invested every single of of the staff would be in our journey.It was not long after we found out that we could not conceive that we started the process, so we were emotionally fragile. Linette was extremely patient with all of my questions, constant emails, and phone calls. I think that she even teared up when she called to tell us that we had been matched! The fact that these ladies are also adoptive parents, makes it easy to talk to them and express any worries or concerns.I would recommend ACBC to anyone looking to start or expand their family through adoption. This can be such an emotional and heartbreaking process, but with the right team behind you, it can also be a beautiful experience!read more
Nona Lynn
Nona Lynn
17:26 15 Jun 21
The Adoption Centre of BC helped me to have a family. From the day of my very first meeting until the end when I arrived back to Canada ACBC was informative, knowledgeable, supportive, caring, and... encouraging. I adopted internationally, which is a very slow process, which can be emotionally difficult. Everyone at ACBC carefully guided me with ALL the paper work which was required, as well as was supportive and encouraging when the wait got tough for me. I can't say enough wonderful things about ACBC!read more
Amie Hj
Amie Hj
22:04 14 Apr 21
When considering an agency for international adoption, the quality of the team that agency has on the ground in the country, is as important as the comfort you feel with the Agency staff here. With... both the ACBC team, and their Rep in Haiti, I always felt that everything was done legally and above board. I value the years of experience in Haitian adoptions that both Marni and their rep have. I have never worried about legal details being missed or that any corners were ever cut.From the first phone call, I appreciated Marni's candor, warmth and professionalism as well as her ability to put us at ease. Her visits have always been a pleasure and something we look forward to. When I was struggling, she had the perfect words at the perfect time to keep us keeping on and we are so glad we did.Vicki has always been so quick to respond, pleasant to engage with and helpful to provide anything we have needed administratively.I always felt like our safety was a top priority and that ACBC's on ground representative in Haiti was experienced and well equipped to provide the safest, smoothest experience possible. Our socialization trip involved a lot more travel in country than most (at an unstable time) so it was especially reassuring for us to have her, and her staff, plan our in country travel in the safest way possible and escort us.In the end, we brought our daughter home in the pandemic, when flights were grounded so we needed help from government and had to hire a private plane. It was definitely a 'ground breaking' situation for everyone involved. Not only was every 'i' dotted and every 't' crossed legally, but everyone we worked with, from the flight company to Canadian Senators, spoke very highly of how the Representative in Haiti worked, those last 2 days, to make what seemed impossible more
Scott Ritchings
Scott Ritchings
02:14 14 Apr 21
The Adoption Centre of BC has been nothing short of amazing and supportive on our adoption journey. The process of adopting is not an easy one, but if growing your family through adoption is your... path, the ACofBC will be there for you every step of the way.Adoption is a journey with many challenging steps but the team at the Adoption Centre of BC has been friendly, caring and honest about guiding us through the process. The team was able to virtually meet with us when we first inquired about adoption options. They operate province wide offering support for both the adoptive family and the birth parents no matter where they are in BC.The approval process is very thorough and ensures that a family looking to adopt is ready for the process. But the process was worth it for us and the support we received upon placement and after has made it that much easier. Our social worker even went so far as to connect us with other families who adopted around the same time as us, a great way to form a support network.The journey doesn’t end at placement, but we’re pleased that the Adoption Centre of BC has been there for us through all of the lows and highs and value the support they continue to give on this more
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