Adoption Stories

Adoption Centre of British Columbia - Family painted feet

No two adoption stories are the same.  Each family walks through a journey of highs and lows and everything in-between. The Adoption Centre of British Columbia has had the privilege to walk alongside these families and are grateful that they have shared their stories below.

Nancy’s Adoption Story

Nancy shares the adoption story of how both her daughters joined her family and how the gift of adoption keeps giving over the generations. To celebrate the Adoption Centre of British Columbia’s 25th Anniversary, we are putting together of adoption stories from over the past 25 years.

Bree, Collin & Logan’s Adoption Story

Bree shares the adoption story of how their daughter, Logan, joined their family through the domestic program with the Adoption Centre of BC.

Adoption Centre of BC & Tula’s Adoption Story

Tula shares her adoption story and what it was like for her growing up in a transracial home. A big thank you to Tula for being open with us and sharing her adoption story with us.

Adoption Centre of BC & McIndoe’s Adoption Story

The McIndoe family’s adoption story. A big thank you to the McIndoe family for sharing their adoption story with us.

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