Davis Shares Her Story of Love

Recently we had the opportunity to chat with Davis, a birth mom, who placed her child with a family with the support of the Adoption Centre of British Columbia. Davis wanted to share her experience to help both birth and adoptive parents and her candid and real responses may answer some questions you have about adoption. We sincerely thank Davis for her honesty and generosity in sharing her story of love.

Part 1: Initial Thoughts on an Adoption Plan

Birth parents face a critical choice: to parent or not to parent. Adoption is an option for birth moms and birth dads when they don’t feel able to parent. Feeling alone and scared, birth moms may not want to share with family about their situation but getting information and exploring your options is important. Making an adoption plan, where you consider all options, is a positive step for birth parents which will help them make informed decisions for their child.

Part 2: It’s a Process

Davis shares how exploring her options meant deciding between parenting with her partner or placing their child for adoption. It is an emotional-packed decision that can involve input from family members and birth parent counsellors. Ultimately it is the birth parents’ choice and Davis provides insight into how she reached her decision, including why having an open adoption plan was very important to her. Choosing an adoptive family whose profile books they had connected with, gave Davis and her partner confidence to know they were making an honest and loving choice.

Part 3: I Wanted Everything for Her

Choosing to place her daughter for adoption, Davis reveals the poignant reason why love is the greatest motivator in her decision. Birth mothers and birth fathers want to give their child opportunities that they feel their chosen adoptive parents can offer them. As Davis’ love grew every day for her daughter, she recognized that she wanted everything for her. For Davis, this meant making a personal sacrifice and placing her daughter with an amazing adoptive family.

Part 4: “I Want to be Available for Her”

Part of creating an open adoption plan is planning for contact and visits. There are so many factors to consider. Watch videos 4 and 5 to gain insight into Davis’ journey with this.

Part 5: Arranging Visits

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